18K Gold Plated Simple Cuff Bangle Bracelet

18K Gold Plated Simple Cuff Bangle Bracelet




  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Metal Type; 18K Gold Plated, a method of depositing a thin layer of 18k gold onto surface of item.
  • Diameter: 6.5cm(2.6 inches)/resizable. Open cuff bangle
  • Gift for beloved ones.

Caring for your Jewelry
Please try to keep it from water.
Our products are made with best 18K real gold/platinum plated technique and excellent craft, and normally will not fade in 2 years.
But they may be damaged if used by inappropriate wearing habits.
For the daily wearing purpose, it is really no problem. But like all gold plated jewelries, it should try to be away from water and sweat.
Please keep them well, they will look brand new for long time. Thanks for understanding.



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