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About us


We are jewelry makers out to bring you high quality at a fair price. We lovecraft meaningful everyday pieces that are ethically made and sold right to you without ridiculous markups, offering enduring materials, custom options and evolving collections.

Made with meaning

We think the jewelry you wear should speak to you and say something about you. We design meaningful pieces that step up your look and let you feel good about who you are. Everyday, personal symbols of what matters to you – many are customizable. We introduce new collections monthly, so you can tell your own story as it unfolds.

High-quality keepers

Go ahead, fall in love with our jewelry – it’s made to last and hypoallergenic. We only use precious metals: Sterling Silver, 14K Solid Gold, or a thick 18K Gold plated over Sterling Silver. None of that cheap brass, steel, zinc, or nickel those other guys use that can flake, irk your skin or break your heart. Our pendants and ring plates are made from thicker gauge material and our chains are designed stronger, so you get high-quality keepers you can wear 24/7. In the rare event that your Rellery loses its luster, we offer a lifetime Tarnish Guarantee: send it back and we’ll fix it on up or send you a new one.

Direct & Ethical

Forget snooty sales people and poorly made jewelry that’s been marked up 1000%. We axed the middleman (he had it coming), selling right to you. So you get exceptional craftsmanship at a crazy good value. All our pieces are ethically sourced and produced with a whole lot of care by skilled artisans, most of it right in our own U.S studio — so we know where it’s been and who touches it. We are quality freaks and design gurus, hell-bent on making meaningful stuff you’ll wear always. We love what we do and want you to love the jewels of our labor.

We would love to here from you, contact us on:
Contact mail: [email protected]
Address: Long Gang Long Gang Road Long Gang Shang Hui Da Sha 302, Shen Zhen, China

Business Hour: (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) (Mon-Fri)
(You can still email us outside of business hours and we will respond within 24 hours)